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Your organization’s cost per card depends on the number of cards purchased. Here is a cost and profit chart at different purchase numbers:

Number of Cards Purchased Cost Per Card Selling Price Profit Per Card Total Profit
250 $5 $10 $5 $1,250
500 $3 $10 $7 $3,500
1000 $2 $10 $8 $8,000
2000 $1.50 $10 $8.50 $17,000
5000 $1.35 $10 $8.65 $43,250
10,000+ $1.20 $10 $8.80 $88,000+

These calculations were made using a $10.00 selling price. You decide the actual selling price that you think your market will support (typically $10 to $20). When you place your order, tell us what retail price that you would like to be printed on your cards. Keep in mind that you can always sell the cards for less than this printed price!


Your payment is not due until 30 days after you receive your cards


No hidden charges, add-ons or extras


People like saving money and getting discounts at popular restaurants and businesses. By using the Go-Card just a few times, your customer will save more money than he paid for the card. At that point, the card becomes a money-maker for the customer!

Unlike most coupons, the Go Cards offer CONTINUOUS DISCOUNTS , and are valid for a full-year period. Think of how much you could accumulate in savings over a year just by using your Go-Card at your favorite restaurants and businesses!



The real value of this fundraiser is your organization can make A LOT OF MONEY without having to deal with the huge time commitment and logistical nightmare associated with typical fundraisers.

With the Go-Card, you don’t have to fill out annoying catalog order forms, pick up any products, or maintain an inventory. You don’t have to spend time figuring out who ordered what, who paid or didn’t pay, or who didn’t get their products yet. Nobody has to go door-to-door a second time to deliver any products, so that cuts your time in half right there!

You simply contact the customer, show them the card, accept their payment, and give them the card all in ONE FIVE-MINUTE VISIT

It doesn’t get much easier than this!

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