Organizing a successful fundraiser in the Cincinnati area just got a lot easier for you. If you’re needing to raise funds for your school group, sports team, church or other nonprofit, then you’ll be very happy that you found this page!

Just read the following to learn about the easiest, most profitable fundraising option available anywhere, and that pays out 70% – 80%+ profit for each sale made – The Go-Card Discount Card Fundraising.

In order to have the most successful fundraiser possible, you need to choose a product that is easy to sell, offers a high perceived value by the customers, and one that pays out the most profit. Most programs such as cookie dough fundraising, magazine subscription fundraising, candybar fundraising, popcorn fundraising and most others only pay out only 40% – 50% profit at the most for each sale made.

In comparison, The Go-Card discount fundraising cards pay out a minimum of 70% profit, and can even pay as much as 80% profit!

This means you’ll have to make a much smaller amount of sales than if you were selling candybars for only 40% profit. Less sales needed to hit your goals means less work required for your volunteers, and you’ll be able to start using the funds sooner than you would otherwise.

What is The Go-Card?

These discount cards provided by The Go-Card are a high-quality, credit card sized plastic card that features 12 local sponsors on the back of the card that each offer a great discount at their place of business. Most sponsors are popular restaurants, and some are common services such as a hair cutting place, auto repair or oil change shop.

Cincinnati fundraising discount cards

The main thing is that all the sponsors featured are popular and common for most people to use or visit, and each card holder can use the card to receive a discount every single day, if they choose. This gives the cards a much higher appeal than a traditional coupon book, which only offers discounts that are good for one use.

These discount cards can be sold for $20 or $10 each, which will give your organization either a $17 profit or a $7 profit, respectively.

To get started, or to learn more about how it works, just visit The Go-Card discount card fundraising.